Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A night at Fabrik

I have spent the last week in Naples giving a lecture on DEM analysis as a part of a course on geostatistics, and what initially was meant to be just a week dedicated to science and researching, turned out to be a lovely experience about music, GIS, and much more. Along with me, the other lecturers were Edzer Pebesma, one of the international gurus on geostatistics, and Tom Hengl, who coordinated the event and gave himself very insightful lectures on this topic. Apart from being such renowned authorities on the field, Tom has a particular talent for organizing not only courses, but also other more informal events such as parties and concerts, and Edzer is a keen tenor sax player with a nice taste for melodic phrases and great musical ideas on his mind. Put all that together, and you have not only a party with live music at the end of the course, but also Edzer and me joining the blues/jazz band at the local club, named Fabrik, and playing a few tunes along with them. Starting with a very inspired rendition of "Blue Bossa" by Edzer and a strange cover version of "Mediterranean Sundance" with funky drums (which, surprisingly, people loved), this little concert was, without any doubt, the landmark of the week.

As soon as I arrived home and grabbed my guitar again (how I hate playing guitars other than mine...), I started improvising and came up with a catchy pattern that I recorded, as I usually do when I practice at home. Using this pattern, I have composed a simple modal tune, which I would like to share with you all, and specially with al the people that I met during this last week in Naples. It is entitled "A night at Fabrik", and you can download it here.

Maybe next time Edzer and I meet, we could try to play it...of course, at an event arranged by Tom ;-)

The song has been recorded using just with my Strato, plugged directly to the computer, with no effects at all, much like all the songs I have been recording lately, but this time with an electric guitar instead of an acoustic one. The main guitar was recorded all at once, with no overdubs, and I chose the second take (out of only three). There are a few mistakes and wrong notes, but the sound is quite fresh, so it reflects perfectly the spontaneous atmosphere of the Fabrik concert


Anonymous said...

hi Victor..

the song really reflects Fabrik atmosphere of that night.. it sounds good!! what about a bassline? unfortunately at Fabrik I've only listened not played.. But next time..

Marco (the second "geostat bass player")

ruton said...

Joder triki eres un gran friki, de mayor quiero ser como tú...

Wala said...

¿Cuándo volverá el gran Triqui?

Anonymous said...

Hello Victor!!! How are you???
This is you :)
Good luck!

Anton And Marina!

Anonymous said...


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