Friday, January 05, 2007

Songs of my life (1): мне нравится

I've decided to start this new year with a new mini-project in this blog, and try to post here some comments about those songs that, for some reason, have played an important role in my life. Surprisingly, most of these songs are not jazz tunes and are rather different to what I like to play, but playing is just one way of enjoying music, and, as you probably already know, I have a broad musical taste. Depending on the situation, I listen to other genres that differ a lot from what I play, or that I might not even like to play but love to listen or to see others playing them.

To start this section, I've chosen which is probably the most important song of my life, at least from an emotional point of view: мне нравится (mne nravitsya = I like). This song is included in the soundtrack of an old russian film titled ирония судьбы (ironya sud'by = the irony of fate) and, like all the other songs from the soundtrack, has lyrics written by famous Russian poets, in this case the great Marina Tsvetaeva. And why is this song so important for me? Well, I first listened to this song during my first stay in Russia, in Izhevsk, during one of the most important times of my life, and instantly fell in love with it. It was the favourite song of my flatmate, and she listened to it every single day, so during that time I listened to that song thousand of times. That was more than two years ago, and since I came back from that trip, I hadn't listened to it again...until two months ago. When my good friend Tanya came to Madrid, she brought me some Russian stuff, among them a CD with songs from old soviet films. And this song was in it. Immediately I started to listen to it everyday and it brought me such nice memories that I still listen to it quite often and feel as if I was back there in Izhevsk. I decided that, since this song was so important for me, I should also watch the film. And what a surprise I had when I did it! The film is great and after watching it one really understands the true meaning of each song in its context, making it even more interesting. And all the story of the film takes place during new year's eve, so thre is no better time of the year to talk about this than now.

I have been searching a bit to find some links to add here, and to my great surprise I have discovered that they are preparing a sequel to the movie, which is being shot at the moment and will be released next year. I hope that its music will be as good as the original one.

I've tried to put a link to the song but the server I've found does not allow outer links, so If you want it, just go to this URL and then click on the "mp3" label. It is not difficult to find it, is the only thing not in russian ;-)

Here you have a link to the website of the composer of the soundtrack, Mikael Tariverdiev. (russian and english)

Here are the lyrics of the song in russian (the original poem by Tsvetaeva, unabridged)

The song is sung by Alla Pugacheva, one of the best know celebrities in Russia. If you have been there, for sure you know who she is, because she is everywhere...

And I guess that's, just listen to the song and tell me your opinion. I hope that you like it as much as I do.

Next chapter: Crossroad blues.

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