Monday, January 22, 2007

A new song

I have spent the last months recording cover versions of some of my favorite tunes and, although this is a rather creative activity, somehow I felt the need to compose my own songs and record them. So, after more than one year since I composed and recorded my last song, here you have a new one. It's a short thing, without jazzy licks, and mainly focused on the melody rather than on licks or improvisation. I guess that after this hiatus I needed to feel myself again like a composer and not only like a guitar player.

The song is recorded in the same way as the last ones, that is, only with my acoustic guitar and no effects at all.

Click on the link to download it, listen to it, and, if you feel like it, leave your comments.

Tal vez sea mejor así

I Hope that you like it.


Wala said...

Muy bella, buena noticia que hayas vuelto a componer... ¿y qué pasó con aquella remasterización de tus viejos éxitos con voz? Besitos

Lee said...

I do like it, very nice.

pixie.pageturner said...

absolutely beautiful...