Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I had to wait a bit more than what I expected, but my new flamenco guitar is finally here (yeah!!) and all I can say is that it is absolutly amazing. I guess that the best way to describe a guitar is just to play it and let others listen to you, but I want to post some quick thoughts about it here and share with you my first impressions. Soon I will try to record something, most likely a video.

  • Although it came stringed with medium tension strings and I'm used to high tension ones, I find it too easy to play it. This is good because it is easy to keep a continuous flow of notes, but somehow I find it a bit strange at first. Anyway, I guess I will get used to it quickly. Playing legato phrases is simply delicious.
  • The resonance of the body is amazing when playing the lower strings and, specially, when doing "golpes". That makes the guitar a truly rithmic instrument and I feel I tend to play more strumming passages ("rasgueados") and thumb phrases than I usually play, and less "picado" runs.
  • It is by far the most feminine guitar I have ever played.
  • Playing soleares or siguirillas (or any other "palo jondo") is great, there is a lot of definition on the tone and it is easy to keep a good pulse, but it has been with "palos chicos" when I have had the best sensations. The sound is superb, very rithmic and thick. This guitar is at its best when playing tangos... definitely.

Stay tuned for a video soon...:-)

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