Thursday, September 21, 2006

Фламенко...и оле!

I wrote in a previous post that Russia was one of those few things that I love even more than jazz, and that finding russian websites about jazz was really interesting for me. There is also another combination that I find rather interesting: flamenco and Russia. Fortunately for me, there are good russian sites about flamenco, and it is amazing not only to see how they play (sometimes they lack a bit of 'duende', but most of the times they really feel the music and its meaning), but also see how their understanding of flamenco compares to their understanding of jazz or even to their understanding of their own folk music.

The best one, and probably one of the best flamenco websites available in any language, is It is only in russian, but has a lot of interesting stuff, even if you do not really care about Russia and you are only interested in flamenco music. Some interesting falsetas with audio and tablatures in the Уроки / ритмы и фальсеты фламенко section

If you want to check a flamenco guitar player, have a look at Grisha Goryachev's website. It includes videos and audio files, and it is in english. He plays a nice blend of classical and flamenco guitar. It's worth a visit.



Rubiales said...

Ufff, ufff
My Russian skills do not allow me (still) to understand anything of the website you recomend...
It's crazy to see the strange Russian playing the Spanish Guitar!
¿The blues, the abstract true and the Russian performing Paco de Lucia?

Gnomusy said...

Русская культура и фламенко, любопытная смесь! ты думал играть концерт? Это будет интересное приключение. Я надеюсь видеть Вас скоро!


gnomusy said...

Very interesting website, indeed, something unexpected. Frequently Russians amaze me, particulartly how they manage to structure, theorise and deeply study and understand matters. This is no exception. Although I have a good Flamenco Enciclopaedia, this site has quite a different bias on how to understand and project Flamenco.

Thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

JOder que frikis...
¿Y por cierto dejas escribir en cirílico pero no en castellano?