Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Nostalgia in Times Square

It's been more than ten days since the last post, but here is a new tune for you all, this time a true jazz one (though it has a blues structure): Mingus' "Nostalgia In times Square".

Mingus has always been one of my favorite musicians, not only because of his compositions and his playing, but also for his philosophy and his peculiar understanding of music as something more than just a mere form or artistical expression. I recommend reading his autobiography, entitled "Beneath the underdog", to get a good grasp on how it is like to live the life of a jazz legend, and understand music as such. The book itself is not only full of insightful comments and curious anecdotes, but it is also hilarious, even for those not really interesed in jazz. The kafkian personality of Mingus is at its best in the pages of this book...'nuff said.

Going back to the song, I have focused on the bass line (Mingus was a bass player, after all) as the most important part of the tune. For the solo, I've tried to mimic the abrupt style of Eric Dolphy (who played on the original tune), with fast and sudden phrases including outside notes (not too much freaking out anyway, do not worry...) and chromatic licks. The solo (and the whole song also) is rather short, just the opposite of the original one. I do not have the amazing creativity of Dolphy, and did not want to start sounding repetitive, so I've prefered to shorten it instead of filling endless minutes with guitar gibberish.

To download the mp3 file, click here

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