Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Evil ways

Long long time ago, so long ago that I did not play guitar or sax yet, my dad used to ttravel to Sweden rather often for working reasons. In one of his trips he met a street musician form Chile named Victor Hugo (yes, like the french writer...), who played guitar and harmonica, and bought him a tape (by the way, he played an Ovation guitar like mine, as it can be seen in the cover of that tape...). The tape contained cover versions of many popular songs like House of the Rising Sun or Summertime, and they were all superb, but among all them my favorite one was a version of Santana's Evil Ways. Taking his wonderful interpretation of this song instead of Santana's original one as my main inspiration, here is my own rendition of this great tune, recorded as usually just with raw guitar.

The first part of the solo has nothing really remarkable, but the second one includes some elements that are not very common in my playing, like the country-like licks in the beginning or the pedal notes that can be found after it. I have used some funky light chords to create a little melody in the final part of the solo, and some double stops. I think it all makes the solo pretty colorful and interesting. Hope you like it.

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