Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cheek to Cheek

I'm back with a new song from my raw guitar project, this time an old-time jazz classic by the great Irving Berlin: Cheek to Cheek. Probably you have heard Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitgzerald singing this (if not...what are you waiting for ??!!). You can download it here.

By the way, I have decided to turn this "raw guitar project" into an "acoustic raw guitar project", since I am using just acoustic guitars to record all the songs. However, it is acoustic but it is not "unplugged", because the guitar is plugged directly into the computer (that's what I mean when I say "raw"...), and the sound I get is, in fact, based on this. Moreover, the comercial slogan of Ovation guitars (remember that I play one of them) is "Plug it in". So, more precisely, it is an "electro-acoustic raw guitar project" :-)

About the song, it has been really funny to record it. I had played this song along with a singer friend of mine not long ago, also with the same up-tempo feeling and that gypsy-jazz rhythm, so I just took that idea (maybe a bit faster this time...) and added the lead guitar track. I'm not a true gypsy-jazz player (still have a lot to learn, specially about chord voicings, though I don't feel like doing it soon...), but I find improvising over that boom-chick boom-chick rhythm a hell of a fun thing. To tell the truth, the rhythm guitar is not playing the classical "la pompe" rhythm, since I'm not using a plectrum (oh yes, I play fingerstyle sometimes!!) and it doesn't sound so percussive, but from the point of view of the solo player it is more or less the same.

Some of the licks included in this tune are among the best ones I have ever recorded. I think I was specially inspired when I played them. Most of them are fast and include cromatic runs (something that I love to play in this kind of music), but at the same time sound very melodic, which makes me feel really proud of them. I would dare to say that this is the best (or close to) that I can get as a solo player. Honestly. I wish I could always sound like this. If I had to pick one song to become the "hit single" from all the ones that I plan to record, this would be it, no doubt.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Of course, comments of any kind are welcome. Tell me your opinion about it, ok? Thanks in advance!


Rubiales said...

yeeeaaah! nice song, Victor!
and, jejeje
so... is this a blog for "frikies"? The answer is here...

Vane said...

me encanta esta cancion Victor, y mira que algunos han hecho de ella una pastelada, y sin embargo siempre suena bien- o no recuerdas a Fred Astaire?