Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Walk Tall

After "Song For My Father", I'm back with another jazz tune, this time by Cannonball Adderley: "Walk Tall" (click here to download it). This is not one of Cannonball's bebop tunes, but rather one of his soul-funky compositions, which makes it a bit more tricky to play it on the guitar. It is not technically difficult to play it (in fact, the song is extremely simple), but it is hard to capture the groovy atmosphere of the original recording. Cannonball's "happy" sax sound is not easy to recreate, no matter which instrument you are playing...you have to feel the music to do it.

There are three different parts that can be distinguished: one acoustic guitar is playing the rhythm part, simply strumming the chords. Another one plays the lead part, while two more guitars add the chipmunk-like notes, which are obtained playing off-the-neck slide guitar. As you can see, it is far easier to get to the altissimo register in the guitar than in the sax :-P

The solo is played using C blues and C Dorian scales over the G7-C7 main part, and G Major over the rest of the chord progression.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry but... Are allowed comments here? If yes, I guess I am the first...!
Weird tune this "Walk Tall": mainly because of the extrange blues solo in the middle of the song

Rubiales said...

I've tried to leave comments here but I think that Victor doesn't want to have!
jejeje, but it's true that mines were off-topics...
Well, while Victor is considering to include me as a member is his blog, I'm going to suggest you a great album: Estrangeiro, de Caetano Veloso

Have fun!

volaya said...

Weird because of the strange blues solo? well, the first part of the song is just played with plain C7-G7 chords, which makes it perfect for playing some pentatonic licks over it!

The original one sounds rather bluesy, and so does, for example, Eric Marienthal's cover. The slide part might sound a bit weird, I admit it... :-)

By the way, I have just added some extra audio compression using a new software I have (Wave's Ultramaximizer), so if you download it again, you will hear a improved version, with better sound definition and dynamic balance, and much more loudness.

Enjoy it, and thanks for the comments!


Ronin said...

Nooo! The slide part it's just fantastic! I love it! Nevertheless, it's not a bluesy cover at all...! The only bluesy part it's the bizarre solo... please play it again but without your solo and your song quality will be improved in abut 20%!

I'm sorry but I can't see any difference between the old and the new song!

Wow! Rubiales! Nice album this one! I've just downloaded and its really wonderful, do you like Caetano?
Have fun u2!