Thursday, March 16, 2006

Song For My Father

Horace Silver is one of the few piano players that I like and probably the only one that I can listen to without getting bored after just a couple of tunes. It is not that piano players are bad, but rather that I do not like the instrument itself. Horace, however, is one of those players that became part of jazz history not for "how" he played his instrument, but for "what" he played. His contribution to jazz understanding and his fresh approach to the genre were the key elements that turned him into a jazz master, and those elements are still alive in today's music.

I have chosen my favorite Horace Silver's tune, "Song For My Father", to start my "raw" guitar project (well, to tell the truth, "Peace" is my favorite one, but it has already been covered on guitar by Mike Stern...). You can download it here.

Much of the original atmosphere is lost in my recording (it is practically impossible to retain Horace's groove on the guitar and without drums), but I'm happy with the result.

The solo part contains some (slightly) phrygian-spiced licks (too much flamenco playing lately?), which came out naturally and seem to fit perfectly over the bass line.

Hope you like it!

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