Monday, March 06, 2006


Las Ketchup, those three girls that acquired worldwide notoriety thanks to a cheesy pop song with meaningless lyrics inspired by Sugar Hill Gang's "Rapper's delight", have been designated to represent Spain in the infamous (and lately highly unpopular) Eurovision contest. As for me, those are good news. I hate the contest and have never watched it, but this year I might give it a chance. To be honest, I do not care whether they win or not, but they are more interesting than all the previous participants I can remember. Though I cannot really explain the difference between this band and the countless others that appear and vanish shortly after having released not more than one or two chart-breaking singles, I must say that I like these girls. Do not ask me why, but I like them. It is not that their musical quality is better (in fact, I think it is worse that the average for such a band, since no one expected the initial success and the original songs are cheaply produced), but simply that I somehow fancy their style and the music they sing. Regardless of their lack of musical aptitude, they are at least funny and fresh. And when you do not have enough musical talent, there's no point on pretending that you are a gifted vocalist or player, and it is better to try to add something else to your music which might make it more interesting. It is a matter of honesty, I guess.

Having said that, here you can download a little tune I recorded some time ago, when Las Ketchup were topping the charts with their one and only big smash hit up to date: "Asereje". Mine is entitled "Jazzereje", which should give you an idea of what kind of song it is :-). I recorded it in no more than half an hour, so do not expect a great work. The sound quality is far from good, but, like the original one, it is a funny song to listen to. I never thought about uploading this, but I guess this is a good time to do it. Hope you like it!

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