Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tired of effects. A new project.

Sometime ago, before I started university, I rode mountain bikes. A lot. And I was constantly worried about the adjustment of the derailleur, the brakes, or whether I might break the bike in a big jump. I always thought "I wish I run instead of riding bikes. I would just worry about my running shoes and nothing else". When I make music, I feel almost the same. I wish I could sing and forget about the strings or the reeds, whether the frets or the pads are worn out or not, and other similar things. Unfortunately, I depend on my instruments, so I have to assume it, but I have decided not to worry anymore (well, at least not for a while) about distorsions, delay settings, flangers, compressors or other effects. In other words, from now on, I'm going to play (and, more important than that, record) everything with the guitar directly plug into the computer. Not even an amplifier or an amp simulator. I love the "raw" sound of all my guitars, so I do not need anything else. Not even a little bit of reverb. If I can make good music, I can make it just with 6 strings. Radical decision? Maybe...But I believe that this will greatly benefit my technique.

The audio file from the last post was recorded like that, and I'm really happy with its sound. No need to alter it.

Having said that, I must also say that I have decided to make a new CD with songs recorded just with guitars (that means no basses, no drums, nothing else), and to record them like that, without effects. Also, I am not going to compose new tunes, but rather cover jazz standards and other popular songs, something that I have always wanted to do, but never done.

I have chosen the following tunes, mainly because I like them, but also because I find it quite interesting to play them with "raw" guitars only:

Jazz standards:

- Walk Tall (Cannonball Adderley)
- Song For My Father (Horace Silver)
- Summertime (George Gershwin)
- Nostalgia In Times Square (Charles Mingus)
- Cheek to Cheek (Irving Berlin)
- Stolen Moments (Oliver Nelson)
- Autumn Leaves (Joseph Kosma)
- Tears (Django Reinhardt)
- I Can't Get Started (Vernon Duke)

Blues standards:

- Hideaway (Freddie King)
- Walking blues (Robert Johnson)

Other tunes:

- Que C'est Triste Venice (Charles Aznavour)
- El Gato Que Está Triste Y Azul (Roberto Carlos)

Stay tuned, because soon I will start uploading them. ;-)

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