Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Nostalgia in Red Square.

There are few things that I like more than jazz, and Russia is one of them. If I'm not playing my guitar or my sax, that's because I'm probably reading some text on russian history, a russian book, a russian newspaper or something similar. For this reason, russian jazz musicians have a double interest for me: a purely musical interest, and a cultural one.

Safe for some rare exceptions, russian jazz players are not popular outside their country, but some of them are pretty good improvisers and composers. It is, anyway, interesting to see how jazz is understood in Russia and what russian players can add to the genre.

The main site for information about russian jazz is www.jazz.ru, a comprehensive collection of links, news and articles about what is happening in the russian jazz scene. Unfortunately for those of you who do not speak Pushkin's language, it is in russian, but here [http://www.jazz.ru/pages/sound.htm] is the direct link to one of its sections, with a large collection of audio files (in Real Audio format).

Here [http://www.jazz.ru/eng/default.htm] you can find some content in english.

There are some interesting texts as well about jazz theory and russian jazz among other similar subjects, and I might translate some excerpts of them and post them here if I have time.

If you feel curious about how jazz songs sound when sung in russian, check out Natalia Nazarova's website [http://www.natalianazarova.com/music_russian.htm]

Keep on Jazzing, Comrades!

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