Thursday, February 23, 2006

More daily recordings. Message in a Klein bottle

For those of you that don't know it, a Klein bottle (see picture above) is a closed nonorientable surface of Euler characteristic 0 that has no inside or outside... What you see above is not a "real" Klein bottle (which can only exist in 4D), but an inmersion in 3D, particularly the one given by the equation


You must be wondering...why all this esoterical mathematical theory on a website dedicated to jazz? Well, sometimes one leaves aside the freshness and the spontaneous sound of jazz and, with the aid of a computer, creates some more "artificial" kinds of music. And this music might sound a bit weird as the concept of a Klein bottle.

I have spent the last two days mixing short audio snippets (most of them not longer than 1 or 2 seconds), looking for musical textures and experimenting new sounds. At first, I just wanted to create a different background to be used as a new context for improvising, but then I also recorded a lead part, and used some unusual post-recording effects to fit it into the rhythm part (yes, I know that I promised not to use effects, but this is different...this is mixing and producing ;-) )

The result of this is the song that you can download here, entitled "Message in a Klein bottle". I have no plans of including this song among my other "regular" songs, it is just a mere curiosity, but it is good to toy with other styles sometimes.

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