Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mimi Fox

Only three guitarists have really impressed me and changed (at least a bit) my conception of the instrument. Clapton was definitely the first one, and it even impresses me nowadays when I re-listen to some of his songs and discover subtleties in his playing that I had missed but constitute the most important part of his very personal style. The second one was Metheny, who showed me a different way of understanding both jazz and guitar playing, specially after I bought a video of one of his live performances. And the third one has been Mimi Fox, a woman whose web site I came across this morning and that has really striken me with his truly awesome style and technique, and specially with his ideas and his original vocabulary. She's got a really fresh style, but his tunes fall mostly under a straightahead jazz format, which is something I find really interesting. I cannot believe that I had never heard about her before!

Mimi is innovative like other contemporary players like, let's say, Kurt Rosenwinkel, but for some reason her style reaches me much more. Her tone is also quite personal, at least in the few songs I have already listened to.

As far as I know (I've been browsing quite a long time looking for more audio cuts and more info on her) Mimi has already released 7(!!) albums, the last one of them with Vai's Favoured Nations label, which has once again demonstrated me that Vai is not only a true genius, but has a brilliant taste for other kinds of music apart from his personal style (check Eric Sardinas for another good example of what I say).

Mimi has been touring with Kenny Burrell across the states (of course, no concerts are scheduled in Spain...), which seems to indicate that she already has a good (and well-deserved) reputation. Although Burrell is not one of my favorites players, he is almost a legend, and I suposse those concerts were amazing.

I'm for sure going to get some of her albums, and I might write something else about them soon. If you have the chance to listen to her, do will love her.

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